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How to order
If you would like to order a piece of jewelry, I will need a piece of hair from your horse.
For the rings and pendants, the minimum length is 15 - 20 cm and about half a cm thick.
For a bangle that would be a minimum lenght of 30-40 cm and half a cm thick.
It is best to take a piece out of the tail, these are the thickest and strongest hairs. If you cut it out on the inside or on the back of the tail, you will barely notice that any hair is missing. 
If you only have a piece of mane left, this can of course be used but it is best to get the hair sealed. A thin layer of UV resin will be applied to the hair to protect the softer and thinner mane hair.
How about your ring size? Any jeweler near your home can measure your finger and provide you with the correct ring size. You can also send an old ring, then I will measure it up and send back the old ring, together with the new one.
You can send the hair in an envelope. Please do not braid it.
It is not necessary to send more hair than required.
Would you like to order something? Please send an email using our contact page with all your questions and wishes.
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